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If you have a website, you need web hosting and when I started 515Hosting & Web Design I made it one of my missions to be transparent, honest and fair about how I approached offering web hosting services to customers.

Here's the deal.

A lady selling pies out of her house probably doesn't have the same size customer base as an #entrepreneur selling shoes inside a mall.

And yet many #webhosting companies will sell them into the same one size fits all hosting packages.

Oh, and then hit them with a slew of upsells!

Want to be on Google? Buy this.
Want to be faster? Buy this.
Want to be more secure? Buy this.
Want to scan for malware? Buy this.
Want to sell stuff? Buy this.
Want an email address? Buy this.

Often, it's all unnecessary or available free!

There's this idea you get what you pay for and that's often true even in web hosting, but if you don't know any better it's also a prime rationale for just mindlessly selling people into packages they don't understand enough to know its not needed.

Before I started 515Hosting, I was a hobbyist with 7 websites driving 35,000 organic visitors total per month on a single shared hosting plan.

Through the use of caching, free SSL certificates, built in email and a CDN, I was able to maximize my traffic capacity on a shared server and handle thousands of visitors per month at a total cost of $15 per month...and you could, too!

By leveraging that expertise and through educating customers, I've been able to save many hundreds of dollars a year on their web hosting.

I'm proud to provide a simple, no gimmick web hosting sign up form. There's no ridiculous upsells and no getting lost between different shared hosting plans whose only apparent difference is their price and names.

With delegated access and a partnership with LiquidNet Ltd., I can offer the local service customers appreciate with the critical 24/7 tech support customers need for shared, VPS, or dedicated servers at amazing prices.

Oh, and I did I mention the free trials (no credit card required) and 30 day money back guarantee.

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