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Having a personal website and email address likely costs for an entire year than a single tank of gas.

Seriously! You can have a personal website with a free domain, web hosting and a custom email address for less than $50 per year (unless you have high traffic).

Here's 5 reasons you might want to consider it.

1.) Professionalism - A website about you that exudes professionalism will yield a reputation of #professionalism about you to those who visit it. Plus, having a website for #networking and portfolio purposes is in and of itself perceivable as having professional connotation.

2.) Scalability and Visibility - From collecting mailing lists to just having a place on the web to create a personal "brand" identity, a website is a great tool for scaling up your networking potential and outreach efforts.

3.) Custom Email Addresses - Not only is it plain cool to write your own domain on a form, but using your own email server eliminates Gmail and other email providers from profiting off your data.

4.) Controlling Your Search Results - Even if you don't have anything to hide or bury in search results, knowing what people are searching for to find you (or products and services you could offer locally) is valuable. Plus, even if the information that pops up on Google isn't bad, there might be stuff about you that you'd prefer to encourage to the top of search results.

5.) An Outlet For Your Thoughts - Ever have something you want to post that just doesn't make sense for social media? Maybe something lengthy or something you'd like to be a little more prominently displayed comes to mind. Boom. Get a website.

Ask me how!

How to Create a Personal Website For Under $50 & 5 Reasons You Need One

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