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I get it. It's not 2000 anymore.

The Internet has changed and the term webmaster has seemingly been deprecated alongside Netscape Navigator. Jack of all trade webmasters have seemingly been replaced by teams of dedicated software engineers, graphic designers, UI/UX experts, and full stack developers that collaborate in bringing beautiful visuals to life on devices.

These days, it's assumed pretty much anyone working on a website in some capacity can fulfill the role of "webmaster".

While that might be the case and the term is rarely used in the industry as a self-reference of title, I'm convinced there still exists a market of small business owners that seek to delegate their website maintenance tasks.

Despite the stigma the word represents in the industry, for businesses needing some help with DNS, emails, or general website maintenance, the term still has relevancy.

For that reason, 515Hosting & Web Design continues to offer #webmaster services aimed at small businesses looking for a middle ground between full fledged network engineering and asking a grandson for help.

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