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Small businesses hire accountants for bookkeeping, lawyers for legal advice, and employees to help their businesses grow.

Why are so many small businesses still relying on DIY solutions for their websites?

- The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy -

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If a website is failing to show value in its current form, that can lead a small business owner into feeling like the website would fail to show any value in any form.

While a WYSIWYG website builder is an appealing way for new business owners to get their website up quickly and cheaply (perhaps even beautifully), the business owner may not have a great understanding of #SEO, call to actions, how to best implement the strategy for the website's perhaps and all the other aspects of what makes a website built by an individual with industry experience a better value.

- Less Than Desirable Experiences -

There's nothing wrong with a hobbyist charging for their services.

In fact, that's how I got started, but I was two successful #eCommerce stores deep, 12 years of experience in, and 20,000 organic visitors per month validating myself I was in a position I could compete in the industry - largely for the reason that follows.

Unfortunately, though, because of the ease of accessibility to #WYSIWYG website editors, it's opened the door for anyone that can drag and drop images to charge for websites. And those sites may be beautiful, but they may not be achieving anything above and beyond what the store owners 13yo daughter could build on Wix.

If a small business owner has historically not been delivered good value from web design services, it's hard to convince them their next investment will be different.

- Affordability -

A lot of #business owners don't think they can afford a web designer, but education and transparency can change that. By offering a range of approaches (including using free themes) and balancing priorities, a website can meet many budgets!

Let's chat and see how to meet yours!

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