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As a central Iowa native, I'm passionate about helping Iowa small businesses with their online presence. I've been building #websites since 2008. Over the years, I've culminated that experience into blogs that have garnered 20k to 30k visitors per month and successful eCommerce stores at the top of Google for relevant key phrases within 6 months.

Growing those businesses encouraged me to get intertwined with the small business community and through discussions with local small business owners. I realized through discussions with small business owners, mom and pop shops on main streets across Iowa have been underserved and frankly preyed upon.

Many small businesses can't afford hundreds of dollars in monthly retainers to agencies, let alone a full time staff of developers to maintain their website. As a result many resort to DIY solutions or hiring a local graphics designer who creates amaIng imagery, but doesn't always understand the ins and outs of PHP versions, caching, SSL, or other details of having a safe, secure and optimized website.

That's probably why most small businesses I work with have websites that go years unmaintained, leaving them vulnerable to hacking.

Additionally, small businesses are experts at tires, breakfast, and jewelry - not necessarily websites. That's why when companies like GoDaddy suggest a business needs to upgrade a server (in lieu of a CDN for performance and capacity), or suggest a paid sitemap generation service is needed for SEO (it's not), or $100 for an SSL certificate (when LetsEncrypt is free), many business owners don't know what they don't know and click "buy"..

That's how I end up saving small businesses thousands per year on their website and I'd love to do the same for you.
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